Children Care


Each Child Deserves Care

Meanwhile rich Indian children go to top school, the poorest ones go for bonded labour and child mariage, so the gap between future adults widens all their lives long. 
We want to break this vicious circle and provide better living conditions for a better future, regardless to cast, gender, religion or ethnicity.

Our fight for children follows 4 main axes:
_ Protection from abuses 
– Education & Teaching
– Nutrition & Health Care
– Blossoming & Acculturation


Protection From Abuses

Safety is the first requirement for happiness

We focus on making sure that every child get the childhood he deserves,  therefore we watch for any form of abuse and listen to the nearby villagers who might warn us of misbehaviours. When we notice or listen to something wrong, we intervene or contact the authorities for the most difficult case in order to protect children from:
-Child labour
-Child marriage 
-Child violence / neglect
-School Dropout

We then explain clearly to the parents the goal of granting children a nice childhood and education, and handle some costs to convince them to keep children at school. 

Education & Teaching

Knowledge is the best weapon in life


Our main concern is to provide education to each child in order to reduce the gap between rich cities Indian and poor rural ones! We make sure the child can attend school up to university and receive a proper education several ways:
-We are in touch with all local school directors, so we can scolarise a child at any moment of the year, and make sure of his attendance.
-We handle all the costs of education, we offer the uniforms, the school material and we pay the scholarships.
-We provide homework and revision support for the child not to school drop and to remain at the best level he can be.
-We give English lessons, play games in English, provide English books, and generally induce them to practice as much as possible when they are at the facility.
-Welcoming children at anytime so they can benefit shelter and electricity to study on night time for example

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Nutrition & Healthcare

No spirit can be built with an empty stomach and a wounded body

Most of our poor children neither have the luck to get a proper exhaustive education on hygiene nor have the means to practice it. 
Moreover, a lot of them do not benefit the right alimentation or medical care, therefore we:

-show them how to properly use toilets (European / local) as they generally don’t have it at home and go for open grounds.
-teach them how to wash efficiently and let them showers at their disposal.
-Offer daily free complete  dinner, that varies every day to provide them all the nutriments they require, and medicines for those who require.
– Organise at least once a year a general medical check-up, inviting a doctor at our place.
-Explain them the basic do’s and dont’s of hygiene, health and safety.
-Demand them to put in practice what we taught them, and to come every day clean and combed to prepare them for their futur social and professional lives.

Blossoming & Acculturation

A happy youth for a happy life

We plan to get our children as ready for their future lives as possible. Then, we look forward to give them a scope on their region, on India and globally on the world and its culture! 

Besides that, a child need to be happy to grow correctly, we’re then looking for their joy and for the best blossoming conditions they can experiment by:

-Being attentive to our children and encourage them to share their problems.
-Organising cultural excursions at least once a year (zoo, monuments, museum…)
-Offering cloths as often as possible and gifts for Christmas.
-Encouraging our guests  and volunteers to share with them their experience and culture.
-Teaching them songs and have them perform on a daily basis.
-Teaching various activities, games and sports and get them to play and practice daily.
-Broadcasting movies on a big screen

Child Protection

Our actions toward children is mostly focused on sparring them from the dangers adults place them into. We prevent Child labour and marriage and any other form of violence.

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Each day, your donations permit us to offer a free diner to each of our children, permanently changing the recipes to make sure they receive all the nutriments they require to blossom.


We want Children to have the best childhood they deserve. We provide attention and care but also bringing them on cultural excursions, offer cloths and gifts, play game with them...

School Access

Thanks to your donations, we can pay for children uniform, material and scholarships so that each child go to school in the good conditions up to university.

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Your contributions also serve to pay our teacher and to buy the necessary to provide our children english lessons and general revisions support for the exams.


Health care

We daily deliver medicines to the ones who require them, and annually call a doctor for general check up. All this is not possible without your help

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