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Each Elder Deserves Care

In India, we tend to believe that Parents remain protected by their children  during their twilight years, but this is not always true and often wrong.

Many family turn out to neglect their elder as soon as he transfers his property to his children. We often witness, for various reasons, old age people being kicked out from their place, mistreated, underfed, not given medicines and even murdered by their children in a ceremony called “Thalaikoothal”

We want to fight these bad conditions elders suffer in India, and offer them peaceful final days by acting on 4 axis:

_ Providing Rooms & Security
– Nutrition & Specialised Health Care
-Mediation & Solution Seeking
– Dignity & Presence


Providing Rooms & Security

A secured roof to live and sleep

The main objective is to make sure that no elders will be left to himself in the dangerous streets of India. Old age People can represent a easy target for the pity less thieves roaming India at night. Moreover, the whether conditions can be particularly rough to withstand (specifically during the summer and the monsoon)  even for the younger; but they can be deadly for the elders.

 Therefore, a major concern to ensure the welfare of the elders is first to grant each of them a roof and a safe place to rest and live.

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Nutrition & Healthcare


Everyone deserves proper nutrition and treatment

In India, there is no Healthcare System: only the richest can benefit proper treatments. Therefore, old age is way more difficult in India than in most of the other countries as people are generally supposed to cope on their own. Furthermore, a lot of Indian are not aware of nutrition and consider that feeling replete is enough, and turn out feeding themselves and their family with plain rice. We want to counter these facts by:

-Providing all the medicines, medical devices and prothesis Elders can need (wheelchair, denture, hearing aid…)
-Making Elders benefit medicalised rooms with all the commodities to fit their conditions  (  large doors, equipped showers…)
-Offering 3 complementary meals a day to cover all the nutritious needs
-Having performant medical employees to accompany them through their final days
-Each year, we organize free medical camps to offer general check-up, eye surgery and hearing aid devices to each elder requiring it on our expense. We advertise on this camps several days before with speakers and flyers in the nearby villages.

It is also important to note that we are situated at less than a kilometer from a hospital for extra caution in case of emergency.

Mediation & Solution Seeking

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A support to solve the family and administrative problems

We believe that most of the problems can be solved through dialogue. Then, after receiving Elders, got them comfortable and won their trust; we try to understand their problem and the facts that led them to such situation.

-The idea is to help them solve these family problems when possible to give them the opportunity to get back to their very own household, being surrounded by their relatives and all the support they can bring.
-If this isn’t possible, then we still welcome them at our place to provide them the dignity they deserve.
-Besides, as many are illiterate or no longer able to read/write/move, we handle all their paperworks and administrative procedures to permit them to rest without having to care for such matters.

Dignity & Presence

Elders should receive all the respect they have deserved for their lives

At VGF, we believe that it is most important to remain on the listening to any of our mentees, especially the Elders. These people have a whole life to share and to talk about, therefore we believe that our duty is to be there to listen, and to get knowledge from it.
We want to be the people with who they can be able to share anything before their last hour occur, so that they can go peacefully with all the respect they deserve.
So we are present at anytime for them to have someone to talk to, but also constantly enquire how they are feeling, what they would like in order to ensure their maximal comfort.
Furthermore, thanks to the fact we welcome different group of people (destitue women and needy children) we are sure they can get mutual benefit of it! The elders can bring life experience, precious advices and stories to the younger and women, meanwhile these groups can give Elders a scope on the actual world, and break the gloom and boring part of their loneliness induced by old age and the condition their family put them in.


We make sure that no Elder has to survive by his own in the dangerous streets of India and benefit proper accommodation that suits his disabilities.

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We ensure that each Elder benefit 3 proper complementary meals to provide them a good nutrition that will prevent them from developing deficiency.


Health care

We make sure that elders receive the appropriate medical treatments and all the medical equipments they require for their welfare and comfort.


We envision to solve the problems Elders experiment with their family with dialogue in order for them to gain peace and to join home back.

Procedures Handling

We handle the paperwork and administrative procedures for them to take a weight off their shoulders and to allow them to relax.


We remain here for them and attentive to their stories and problems, plus the rest of our mentees can share their happiness with them to break with a sad routine.

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