The Children We Secured

Saving children and their future is the core mission of our organisation


Our Commitment Toward Children

In India, and particularly in rural parts, parents often try to benefit from their children instead of seeking their development. Therefore, having your children to work with you or getting them married at very young age instead of educating them and bringing them to school is a common practice.
We firmly  stand against these practices, thus   we have permitted dozens of poor children to access education in good conditions by giving: 
-free uniforms, material and scolarships
-free diner and medicine each night
-English lessons & homework support
-emergency support against marriage and labour

It is important to note that all our actions are undertaken regardless to the religion, cast, gender or ethnicity of the child.

Our Mentees Children


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Quotes From

Our Children

Always keep smiling

14 y.o. Future Science Teacher in villages

Only diamond cuts diamond

14 y.o. Future Information Police Officer In Chennai

Now it’s 2019, but 2020 India, will be a rich country!

17 y.o. Future Engineer in Australia

Some of Our Previous Mentees Children

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