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Requirements for International Volunteers

Respecting the Indian laws on work and immigration, we welcome volunteers possessing Honorary Work With NGOs, a specific type of employment Visa. 

To acquire this Visa, you must first the Online Application Form.
Then you must obtain all documents specified in the checklist and deposit the full file to a VFS office (by post or physically).

WARNING: The bank certificate letter can be difficult to obtain, and the full procedure may be long, so do not book a flight before your Visa is delivered!

Once you obtain your Visa you can join us in no delay!
The last requirement is to visit the Foreign Regional Registration Officer to obtain the final approval of your stay. Without accomplishing this, you could be in troubles when travelling India or going back to your home country.

If you are experimenting any troubles for the obtention of your visa, contact us we will be glad to help you!

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