Our Mentees

At Vivegam Godfrey, we envision to help each person who require assistance. To reach that goal efficiently, we group our mentees in 3 categories:

-The needy Children, who have to be placed in school to avoid labour, marriage and to benefit a good education to ensure maximum chances for their future life, to be given nutritious food daily and medical care to ensure their good development.

-The neglected Elders, who have often be betrayed by their children and left down with nothing; and the ones who require daily medical assistance that children won’t or can’t provide, in order to provide them dignity and peaceful conditions for their last years.

-The destitute Women, who have been rejected by their husband, became widow or never got married and suffer hard conditions because of the missing education they never received in their younger age, that we welcome to provide safe shelter and to rehabilitate them by teaching them jobs.

Your support can

save lives

Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.