Acquire The Neighbour Land

More Land for More Rescues


Our final objective is to secure and support any poor person who require a hand, first of all Children – Elders – and Women. However we are for the moment focusing on children welfare because we perceived it as the most urgent problem to solve.
We consider our action on children to be established enough now and we plan to focus on Neglect Elders and Destitute Women.Nevertheless to do so, we require tu build dedicate facilities to welcome them; such as special rooms and a common hall inter alia.  And to construct such facilities, we must acquire new lands, otherwise we would no have single place left for the children to play and blossom, plus the buildings would be too close from each other to allow any person in distress to find the comfort he would need here.


The idea is to purchase the neighbour land that is actually being used for agricultural purpose.
Only this way we would be able to enlarge our property and turn this soil into a welcoming place for the the neediest Women and Elders.
This land covers a surface of 3 Acres, and is for the moment on sale for Rs 12 000 000 or 150 000€ (including the administrative fees).

 This price is way to high considering the size of the land, therefore we are still bargaining with our neighbour to agree on a lower more reasonable price.


We are currently discussing the price of the land and will be soon raising money to acquire it.

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