Build The Old

Age Home

A Place To Welcome Each Weak And Neglect Elder


In south-India, some elders suffer bad conditions mainly because of 2 core reasons: poverty that prevent them to access decent medical care, and family tensions that lead them to be neglected or sometime even kicked out from their own home by their children. This are situations that we cannot agree with, this is why we decided to step for elders condition and to develop a program dedicated to their protection and welfare.

We have already been providing medical support and mediation assistance to many elders since our creation, and welcomed several for certain durations. However, for the moment we do not dispose the means to provide permanent rooms and care to our oldest mentees. Nevertheless, a good point is that our organisation is situated close enough from an hospital to be legally allowed to hold an Elder’s Home

Goal and Requirements

We have then decided to create an Old Age Home, to ensure to up to 50 Elders Housing and Medical Safety, Presence & Dignity as well as mediation with the family for some case.Our Facility must contain all the necessary to provide them comfortable and safe stay. First, we have to dispose adapted shelters with common mono-gender rooms to ensure our mentees continuous social interactions and fight against boredom.
 These common rooms rooms will fit 10 Elders each and include a big bathroom separated in 2 parts each comporting 1 European and 1 Indian toilet as well as a shower for each toilet, adapted for elders use (large enough to fit wheel chair, with griping bars and showers chair, non-slip floor…). Each room will be equipped with comfortable beds, AC,  medicines and lockers for personal belongings and cloths.
It will also be necessary to have 2 prepared rooms for medical conditions occurence and treatment. Unfortunately, we must also think about the darkest parts of this activity and have at our disposal 2 rooms for the twilights days of our mentees, as well a a preparation room to ensure dignity beyond life to our Elders before their funerals.
We will also provide to our Elders mentees a big Common Hall for them to have social interactions with others Elders, but also wit Destitute Women and younger Needy Children to ensure them an eye on the current world and many different people to break with their monotony, and benefit their wise advices. This Common Hall will also be the place for them to enjoy entertainment (television, movie broadcasting, Carrom and other boards games…) and to benefit 3 times a day decent and complementary meals.
Providing that many meals on a daily basis implies that we will also need to build one large kitchen. This kitchen will also serve our other programs (Needy Children Care and Destitute Women Rehabilitation).
We will finally build a multi-religion Chapel to welcome each believer to come, gather, pray and praise his God, respecting any religion and God to be worshipped.

 To run this whole facility, we will have to hire new workers:
-At least 2 full time nurse realizing each 12 hours shifts at the beginning of the project when our maximum capacity of 50 Elders would not have been reached.
One cook and one kitchen help.
2 employees to take care of our elders (take them to shower and toilets, bring them food, wash their sheets, have them on walks, clean their rooms…)
One manager with skills and background in social and medical services to oversee the employees and their work.

We will also have a doctor coming for general check up at least once a week and available for urgences at anytime (thanks to our proximity with Bethel Hospital).



Concerning the building costs:
Considering the fact that Elders should have cool temperatures all year long, we will require high quality isolation and A-type roofs. Therefore, the price of 1 ft² for such building is around  Rs 3 000 , the price for 1 m² is around 403 €. This price is all-inclusive (material and labour for the foundations, ground, walls, isolation, paint, tiles, roof, electricity…). It is to take into account that the prices of labour and material have increased a lot during the past ten years.

-Each Bedroom with the double bathrooms will be around 384 ft² (35  m²) large and cost around Rs 1 152 000 (14 400€), so altogether the 5 bedrooms will cost around Rs 5 760 000 (72 200€).
-Each small room for sick Elders would be 200 ft² (19 m²) large and cost around Rs 600 000  each, both will cost around Rs 1 200 000 (15 000€).
-Each twilight days room will be 200 ft² (19 m²) large and cost around Rs 600 000 each , both will cost around Rs 1 200 000  (15 000€).
-The funeral preparation room will be 160 ft² (15 m²) large and cost around Rs 480 000  (6 000€).
-The multi-religion chapel will be 600 ft² (56 m²) large and cost around Rs 1 800 000  (22 500€).
-The Common Hall will be 600 ft² (56 m²) large and cost around Rs 1 800 000 (22 500€).
-The kitchen will be 320 ft² (30 m²) large and cost around Rs 960 000 (12 000€).

The total price for building the Elder’s facility will then be around Rs 13 200 000 or 165 000€. 

Concerning the equipment costs:
-For bedrooms: each will include 10 beds and coats for Rs 50 000 (625€), 10 lockers for Rs 70 000 (875€), 2 fans for Rs 4 000 (50€) and 2 lights for Rs 900 (10€). The bathroom will cost, all inclusive, Rs 20 000 (250€). The equipment for one bedroom will cost around Rs 145 000 (1 810€); the 5 bedrooms will then cost Rs 725 000 (9 060€)
-For the Common Hall: it will comport 15 wooden tables for 4 people (considering that this Hall will also welcome our Destitutes Ladies) for Rs 45 000 (560€), 60 PVC chairs for 42 000 (525€), a big TV for Rs 40 000 (500€), indoor game materials for Rs 10 000 ( 125€), 4 book racks for Rs 60 000 (750€), 12 fans for Rs 24 000 (300€), 8 lights for Rs 3 600 (45€). The total cost of equipment for the Common Hall will be Rs 224 600 (2 810€)
-For the Kitchen: it will include the vessels for serving and cooking for 70 people which cost will be around  Rs 100 000 (1 250€), a refrigerator for Rs 40 000 (500€), a freezer for Rs 50 000 (625€), a gas stow with 3 cylinders for Rs 25 000 (315€), a large dishwasher for Rs 70 000 (875€), two laundry and drying machines for Rs 90 000 (1 125€), an exhaust fan for Rs 3 000 (40€) and 4 lights for Rs 1 800 (25€). The  total cost for the kitchen equipment will be Rs 379 800 (4 750€)
-For the Chapel: 20 wooden benches to fit each 5 people for Rs 300 000 (3 750€), an alter table as well as 2 wooden chairs and a cross for Rs 20 000 (250€), 10 fans for Rs 20 000 (250€) and 10 lights for Rs 4 500 (55€). The total cost for the Chapel equipment will be Rs 344 500 (4 300€)
– The medical rooms: they will be equipped with 4 regular beds for Rs 20 000 (250€), 1 medical bed for Rs 15 000 (190€), an examination bed for Rs 5 000 (60€), a table for Rs 3 000 (37€), 2 PVC chairs for Rs 1 400 (18€), a wooden chair for Rs 2 000 (25€),medical equipment (blood pressure control…) for Rs 100 000 (1 250€) a prepared oxygen cylinder for Rs 15 000 (190€), a tap with a mirror for Rs 3 000 (40€), a small bathroom with  1 shower , as well as 1 Indian and 1 European toilets for Rs 10 000 (125€). The total equipment price for 1 medical room will be Rs 179 400 (2 242 €), both will then go for Rs 358 800 (4 485€) 
-For the twilight rooms: they will basically comport 5 beds for Rs 20 000 (250€), a small bathroom for Rs 10 000 (125€),  5 fans for Rs 10 000€ (125€) and 5 lights for Rs 2 250 (30€). The total price for one will be Rs 42 250 (530€), both will go for Rs 84 500 (1 060€)
-For the funeral preparation room: it will comport a stretcher for Rs 7 000 (90€), a body table for Rs 3 000 (35€), washing equipment for 5 000 (60€), a fan for Rs 2 000 (25€) and a light for Rs 450 (6€). The equipment for this room will then cost Rs 17 450 (220€).

It is to note that we already possess several equipment for Elders Welfare, like wheelchairs, crutches…

Then, altogether the cost of the equipment for the Elders Home will go for Rs 2 092 400 (26 155€)

The overall cost for construction and equipment of this facility will go for Rs 15 300 000 or 191 000€

Concerning the workers costs:
The 2 nurses will cost Rs 24 000 (300€) per month
-The cook and the assistant will cost  Rs 12 000 (150€) per month
-The 2 care employees will cost Rs 8 000 (100€) per month
-The skilled manager will cost Rs 12 000 (150€) per month

The monthly employees cost will be of Rs 56 000 (700€) per month


We are currently bargaining with the neighbour the price to acquire his land and start the construction. In the meantime we are still finalising the details of this project.

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