Finish The
Children Facility

A Place For Each Needy Child


We started building a teaching area around 8 years ago.
At first, it met our needs and allowed us to start welcoming poor children, to teach them, offer them dinner and welcome for night them when needed, to keep revising overnight to prepare for exams for example (they do not have desks or light at home).
However, because we lacked means, this facility was never finished, and now, we are confronted to its limits.
Therefore, we decided to finish and improve it so we can be more performant in our mission to help the children.


One of our main objectives is to finish the studying facility we have started building for 4 main reasons:

-To be able to welcome more children and then reach each needy children of the surroundings villages (aimed capacity= 300).
-To grant our children better studying and blossoming conditions.
-To be able to withstand the hard south-Indian conditions, so our children will be able to come and study continuously.
-To enlarge our field of teaching, implementing computers and a library to get them all the necessary knowledge for an optimal multi-disciplines learning.

Process and Costs

It is important to take into account that to we have longly think about the different options, studied the various offers from professional and that we will  process ourselves as much works as possible to reduce the costs to the minimum. It is also to note that, taking into account our activity, some professionals are more business friendly with our organisation, we are then sure to share here-under the very best prices.


First of all we must enlarge the facility to welcome all children and get space for more teaching fields. We will then relocate the rabbits and chicken shelters (which will also induce a more peaceful area of studies) to widen the building from 55*22 to 55*54 square feet.

We calculated costs of around Rs 50 000 or 620€

We will build a solid A-type roof instead of the current flat roof, to store rain water, reduce heat and resist conditions (due to coconut falls we experience leakage that prevent us to use this place on rainy days).

We calculated costs of Rs 250 000 or 3 100 €

We also need to equip the place with14 ceiling fans to withstand the hard heat of Indian summers as well as 14 Lights with wiring and switches to keep on study in the darkness. 

We estimated the costs to Rs 50 000 or 620 €

We will build real walls, doors and windows to replace the current grilling in order to isolate the place from sound, animals, pests and weather.

It will cost around Rs 100 000 or 1 240 €

Place a concrete ground to cover the dirt that leads pests to come over and mud to form.

We estimate the costs to around Rs 100 000   or 1 240 €

-10 large tables to fit each more than 15 youths to write on, we have already been given dozens of chairs for them but they currently still have to take notes on their laps.

We calculated the cost of it to around Rs 60 000 or 740 € (note that because of forest mismanagement, wood is particularly expensive in Tamil Nadu).

In total, the costs are around Rs 610 000 or 7 560 € including the purchase of material, the delivery and the setting.
As previously stated, these are affordable prices thanks to our motivation to seek the best offers, our determination to handle some tasks ourselves and faire prices due to the ethic side of our activity.


We are currently raising funds in order to start the construction phase of this project. 

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