Build The Destitute

Women Centre

A Place to Welcome and Rehabilitate Women in Distress


India is often designated as one of the worst countries regarding women conditions , particularly in the rural parts where women do not have a real proper condition. They do not benefit education and get married to someone they do not choose. This person will have all rights on her, whether she should work or not, what will she do and when…

Moreover in India divorce is quite rare, and a poor lonely woman cannot make it out by herself, so they turn out to have no choice but to spend all their lives with the man chosen for them even if this implies living in the awful conditions.

Up to now, no organisation in our area handle the problem of these destitues women by hosting them, rehabilitating them or reinserting them. This results into them often ends up living in the streets in the worst conditions.

Goal and Requirements

We have decided to face this lack of protection that destitues women face here by establishing a centre dedicated to them and their welfare in our campus. This place will first enable the housing of 20 destitute women. This facility will serve 2 main purposes:
-Providing them a shelter and  take them away from the streets.
-Providing them basic education and teach them a job (tailoring, leather work, handcrafting…) to allow they reinsertion.

In this building, will also look forward to reinsert them socially by helping them to access a situation ( find a job, a house, a new husband…). This place aims to be quite basic as the goal is mostly not for them to stay for over extended periods contrary to elders, but more to benefit a new launch in life. Therefore, this place will basically comport:
-2  bedrooms to fit 10 ladies each, with lockers to place their personal belongings and large common bathrooms gathering 4 European toilets and 2 showers. 
-A Common Hall
 that will be used for teaching basic disciplines and learning jobs like the ones previously stated.
For having having meals, discussing and having entertainment, they will use the Elders Common Hall. 

We will also require the presence of a full time teacher.


The building costs:
The costs will mostly be linked to the building ones.The price of 1 ft² for such building is around Rs 3 000 , the price for 1 m² is around 403 €. 
This price is all-inclusive (material and labour for the foundations, ground, walls, isolation, paint, tiles, roof, electricity…). It is to take into account that the prices of labour and material have increased a lot during the past ten years.

-Each Bedroom with common bathrooms will be around 384 ft² (35 m²) large and cost around Rs 1 152 000 (14 400€), so both bedrooms would go for 2 304 000 Rs (28 800€).
-The Common Teaching Hall will be 600 ft² (56 m²) large and cost around Rs 1 800 000 (22 500€).

The total costs of construction will then be Rs 2 952 000 (36 900€).

The equipment costs:
-The rooms
will comport each 10 beds and coats for Rs 50 000 (625€), 10 lockers for Rs 70 000 (875€), 2 fans for Rs 4 000 (50€) and 2 lights for Rs 900 (10€).  The bathroom will cost, all inclusive, Rs 20 000 (250€). Each bedroom will cost Rs 145 000 (1 810€) to equip, so both will cost Rs 290 000 (3 620€) to equip.
-The Common Teaching Hall
will include 20 PVC chairs for Rs 14 000 (175€), 10 tables for Rs 30 000 (375€), a blackboard for Rs 2 000 (25€), 6 fans for Rs 12 000 (150€) and 6 lights for Rs 2 700 (35€). The Common Teaching Hall will then cost Rs 60 700 (760€) to equip.

The total price of equipment for the Women Centre will be Rs 350 700 (4 380€)

The total cost to build and equip this facility will be around Rs 3 302 700 (41 285€)

The employee costs:
-The teacher will cost Rs 8000 (100€) per month.


We plan to build this place after the Elders Place. Therefore we must first achieve the acquisition of the neighbour land and the building of the Elder’s House to initiate this project. In the meantime, we finalise the details and requirements of this project.

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