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Sharing Time & Knowledge

Our volunteers form an important aspect of our action. They share their culture and knowledge to children and elders, help on daily tasks, and make benefit the organisation their special abilities and network. But they get at least as much as they give, discovering and learning from the local people and culture. They are propellers of mutual profit!

Our Volunteers

German Volunteer (4 months)

German Volunteer (9 months)

German Volunteer (4 Months)

German Volunteer (4 Months)

French Volunteer (6 months)

German Volunteer (6 months)

German Volunteer (4 months)

Portuguese Volunteer (3 Months)

German Volunteers (2 months)

Australian Volunteer (1 month)

Australian Volunteer (1 month)

German Volunteer (1 month)

Quotes From Our


It’s a big help and support for the children when they grow with you and you become like a mentor for them

German Volunteer

Such an incredible experience to get directly to the contact of the people who really need it! A trustworthy organisation that will grant you unforgettable moments!

French Volunteer

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