Women Rehab


Each Woman Deserves Care

India is often designated as one of the worst countries regarding women conditions , particularly in the rural parts where women do not have a real proper condition. They do not benefit education and get married to someone they do not choose. This person will have all rights on her, whether she should work or not, what will she do and when…  

Moreover in India divorce is quite rare, and a poor lonely woman cannot make it out by herself, so they turn out to have no choice but to spend all their lives with the man chosen for them even if this implies living in the worst conditions

Such reality is an open door to many dangerous possibilities  for example Dependance to the husband and no way to survive without him after he passes out, matrimonial violences or abuses.

So our fight for women is based on  4 main axes:
_ Protection & Housing
– Education & Rehabilitation
– Nutrition & Health Care
– Accompaniment &

Protection & Housing

A shelter is the first step toward enhancement


Our first action regarding women is to ensure that the ones who lost their husband and their residence, or the ones who have to flee their homes for any reason do not have to sleep in the street.

Indeed, India streets can be dangerous for anyone, but this is especially true for the ladies who can represent an easy target. Thefts and rape can happen easily, therefore our mission is to protect them against this misbehaviours by ensuring them security and shelter.

We welcome then any woman facing life difficulties that lead her to sleep without roof.

Education & Rehabilitation

Knowledge is the best weapon in life


A major concern with ladies is their lack of education. Most of them did not benefit any teaching in their young age, and were turned whether into housewives or into field labour. But being a lonely daily wager in agriculture is not enough to afford owning your own place.

We look then after providing them a decent education, teaching them reading/writing, calculation, basic english, and a profession (tailoring, leatherwork, handcraft, weaving, animal care…)

We will also be present to help heal their spirit, providing them permanent psychological support to help them regain confidence in themselves, in men and in the society globally.

Nutrition & Healthcare

No spirit can heal when the body is wounded


In rural India, most people suffer malnutrition, and women are not exception on this. Each woman that joins our organisation will benefit 3 proper complementary meals a day in order to ensure she benefits a proper nutrition that will meet all the requirement of a middle-aged person.

We also provide a general checkup to the laides coming to our place, an make her benefit all the treatment she may require to get back her health, including dentition and eyes checkup.


Empowerment  & Reinsertion

Together to make the future brighter

Our final mission with destitute women is to grant them a future that they would achieve by themselves, not just by her husband. The point is also that re-marrying is rare in India. We look then forward to get them ready to start a new life and be autonomous, and help them in the search of a new husband.

Of course, they can still rely on our support, but our mission is to help them gain independence by helping them through the process of empowerment; to help them get their own place and job, to guide them through paperwork and civic responsibilities so that they would finally be able to cope on their very own.

The women not able or willing to leave our place and get their own situation will be most welcomed to stay at organisation and become employees.


One of our biggest concern toward women is their safety. We then accommodate the one who sleep alone outside and the one who have to leave their homes because of mistreatments.

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A subject that we deem particularly important is to provide our mentees a good education (reading/writing, english and calculation) to bridge the gap that spares them from men.



As most poor rural women do not benefit any form of proper healthcare, we provide a full checkup for the one arriving to our place, and provide them all the medicines required.


To ensure the best mental and physical reconstruction, we make sure that our women benefit a proper alimentation with complementary nutrients!


We aim to provide our ladies the opportunity to get a job that will allow them to have a true situation. There fore, we teach them jobs to be ready for employment.


Once all the steps of rebuilding our women have been successfully done, we can focus on helping them getting a situation, finding jobs as well as new homes

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