Vivegam Godfrey Trust

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Vivegam Godfrey Trust was founded by Mr. Edwin Prabu Kumar in January 2010.

Vivegam Godfrey Trust is situated near Danishpet, in the middle of two Districts, namely Salem and Dharmapuri, in Tamil Nadu India. Salem is the 5th largest city of Tamil Nadu located in the central part of the southern most state of India. The area ia almost completely surrounded by hills. Salem is also known as the Mango city in Tamilnadu.

Danishpet is surrounded with 291 villages, and the population is approximately 1,150,000. The majority of the people are Hindu in religious belief and less than 1% are Christians and Muslims. Mostly these village people are working with daily wages like agriculture and brick making. Most individuals receive a monthly income of around 50 Euros. Only 4% of all children have access to higher education (college or university degree). Most girls end their studies up with the 10th grade.

Vivegam Godfrey Trust cares for children, school dropouts, young girls, destitute women and elderly individuals in the villages surrounding Danishpet, India.

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