The Vivegam Godfrey Commitment to You

 We affirm the following mission commitments to each person that sponsors a child, woman or old age person through Vivegam Godfrey:

  • We commit to regard Jesus Christ in all our projects in order to implement the Great Commission from the Bible, Discipleship and a peaceful life are core values of our program.

  • We commit to work with good understanding in local Churches irrespective of denomination.

  • We commit to make great impact on each child, woman and older person individually to develop their socioeconomic, physical and spiritual areas.

  • We commit to use money only for the purpose for which it was raised.

  • We commit to link each child, woman or older person to only one sponsor; we encourage each sponsor to have a meaningful relationship with each child, woman or elderly individual through Vivegam Godfrey.

  • We commit to give every older person, woman and child the chance to know the Gospel, and we will offer opportunities for children, women and the elderly to learn about Jesus Christ and to have a relationship to God throughout their life.

  • We commit to being financially accountable; we will keep our administrative and fund-raising costs as low as possible. We will have internal and external audit to ensure our funds are being properly used for the projects.