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True Way Trust is a registered Tax free Organisation in Leipzig Germany for raise prayer and finance support and advise Vivegamgodfrey trust projects.

Vivegam Godfrey Trust is situated in the place called Danishpet, in the middle of two Districts namely Salem and Dhrmapuri in Tamil Nadu India. Salem is the 5th largest city of Tamil Nadu located in the central part of the southern most state of India. Almost completely surrounded by hills. Salem is also known as the Mango city in Tamilnadu.

Danishpet is surrounded with 291 villages, and the population is 1144384.Male 509855 Female 504529. Consisting of one union Chairman and 18 panchayats. Majority of the people are Hindu religious .Less than 1% are Christians and Muslims. Mostly these village people are working with daily vageses like agriculture and Brick making. Majority of the people monthly income around 50 Euros. Higher education like college or University degree going children are less then 4% . Girl children mostly end their studies up to 10th standard.

Vivegam Godfrey Trust has concern on Danishpet village's children, school dropouts young girls, destitute women and old age persons.

Steuer Nr.231/141/10949 K03
Bank: KD-Bank (Die Bank für Kirche und Diakonie), BLZ- 35060190, Konto- 1600018015

Board Members                                                             

Edwin Prabhu Kumar


Andre Lim-Richter
Vice President

After concluding his abitur he started a training in the police academy. He is currently working as a police in Leipzig, Germany


Romy Schmeider

Alexandra Lim-RichterTreasurer

She is currently commencing her bachelor's in English studies and would like to be a translator. He speaks several languages




Frau Dr.Gerlinde Frey.Vor


Waltraud Neuschaefer

Sascha Markwart

I'm 37 years old, I have 2 children and i live near city of Leipzig.


Holger Micklitza


Jozeka Tabea Panepinto

Born on 04 March 1986
Profession: Teacher