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South Indian Evening

On 29th September the True Way Trust (TWT)
e.V. for Vivegamgodfrey India
organised a “South Indian Evening” in Leipzig. It was one highlight within 
the program of the Intercultural weeks of Leipzig 2012 (organised by
 Sachsen Government and Stadt Leipzig).

It was the first time TWT showed South Indian culture in this city. More
 than hundred participants from ten different countries took part on this event. Such as; India, Germany,
Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Australia, Kenya,
and China.... (More)



On 9th September the True Way Trust (TWT) e.V. for Vivegamgodfrey India took part GRASSI-FEST organised by Grassi Museum Leipzig.
It was a great opportunity for TWT to explore its activities and projects in India to the people of Leipzig...... (More)

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