VIVEGAM GODFREY - Building projects

For our two projects we are constructing a building in three  Phases                                                 

Phase I- 2651qft. Costing -- Rs.2120800/- (37207.00€)                                                             

Phase II- 2651qft. Costing -- Rs.185570/- (32556.00€)               

Phase III-2651qft. Costing -- Rs.185570/- (32556.00€)

    (One Euro= Rs.57/-)                                                                                           

Please pray and support the building project. We urgently need the building to give full accommodation for old age persons. You can support for a square meter or one room.

It is costing one = Rs.9800/- (172€)

One room =34 Rs.96000/- (1685.00€)



Building Project